A true match made in heaven? Oysters and Champagne. Between 5-7PM daily, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, we do something very unique. In partnership with Veuve Clicquot, Hèt Terras is bringing back its famous ‘Bubbles & Pearls’ concept. A unique deal between the best champagne and fresh oysters only for this Summer. Enjoy oysters for €1 each and a selection of the finest champagnes for a special price.

Tip from the chef: perfect way to start your evening before enjoying your dinner.

Available from April through September.


Breakfast is the new lunch! Lunch is the new dinner! At Hoofdstad Brasserie and at Hèt Terras during the Summer months, we have something to shake up the city. In 45 minutes, our team is able to serve you one of the best lunch deals in town. Do not forget: it's the hottest and busiest places in town. Enjoy a 2-course lunch menu including your favourite coffee or tea for only €27,- per person. It’s definitely the best lunch deal in town and a reason not to miss out on any plans or valuable time. May we reserve your table?

This promotion is only available from Monday – Friday from noon until 3PM.


International influences from all over the world, bringing to Amsterdam their specialities with unique ingredients and presenting their most innovative creations on a plate. Hoofdstad Brasserie is host to young inspiring chefs led by its creative Head Chef, Alex Haupt, who brings his classical cuisine to the next level. With this new vision, Hoofdstad Brasserie launched it's own guest chef program where he invites upcoming and creative chefs to showcase their country and talent in his kitchen.

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‘Our Hoofdstad’ gives you the insights of the mind of the chef, the creativity of the team, the inspiration we get from our guests and the best products from our suppliers to create these tasteful dishes.

Twice a month, Head Chef Alex Haupt will take you behind the scenes of this hidden culinary gem: Hoofdstad Brasserie.

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