25 april 2017

We are a young team.
Five days a week, lunch and dinner, 251 days a year.
Hoofdstad Brasserie is the space I use to create our cuisine.

The menu are mine and my team’s focus and obsession (amongst other things), together with the tutelage of Executive Chef Richard van Oostenbrugge. It is very much a chicken or the egg debate. What comes first? The dish or the menu? For us it is all about the produce. When I work with the best products, I have a fantastic head start on creating a great dish. But this is not always only up to me, therefore I need to find the right suppliers, the weather has to be right to produce the products and ingredients we work with, it needs to fit the concept but most of all: our identity. Then as a composer would scribe his or her sheet music to have it then become an orchestra entertaining a crowd in a theatre, I use our dishes and restaurant concept to sculpt a selection of dishes to create THE menu and serve it to our guests in our theatre otherwise known as the ‘dining room’.

Right now we are in Spring and the trees are starting to bloom again, during this season everything is coming to life. Peas, broad beans, asparagus, wild garlic, lamb, strawberries, rhubarb, elderflower. Bright and clean flavours. I mean, do I need to say more? We will be fine. But in the end, if the dish does not taste good, it doesn’t go on the menu. It is always all about the taste.

What’s next?

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