23 mei 2017

Metaphorically, I refer to my dishes as children. I like to think a dish starts as an idea (infant), it then moves into the testing phase (toddler), it then goes into tasting (small child), after which it is costed and written into the menu (child). We then listen to the feedback from the guests (adolescent) and then, after it has made its way off the menu and perhaps come back the following year with some adjustment to the recipes, form, flavors and plating, it may or not become a fully functioning adult.

Through Richard (van Oostenbrugge) I’m learning how to develop signature dishes and from what I gather, the main thing that needs to be done is to slightly obsess over it and figure out ways to make it better every time you bring it back onto the menu. The dish always needs a good foundation which is the flavor of the product – the cooking of the main ingredient and its main complimenting component i.e. sauce. It also needs to be original and a dish that you truly believe in.

To be honest, the rest is not up to us, it’s up to the guests.

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