21 juni 2017

Work is work. I love my job and it is who I am and what I know. Outside of the kitchen it is very difficult to have what popular culture has taught us to be a “normal life”. The question I am often faced with is “what is your favorite thing to eat” and, if I was to be really honest, it comes in liquid form often served in pint glasses, wine glasses, or glasses with straws involved. Nonetheless, we must eat in order to survive and if I can’t be bothered cooking for myself this is where you will find me.

1.       GlouGlou: bar specialized in natural wines, made without additives.

I love this place. It has fantastic wines that aren’t going to send your money down the drain, a super nice terrace on the street sitting underneath rose bushes and the urban shadows of Rivierenbuurt. They also serve some great bites that go well with a casual afternoon session. Charcuterie, rillettes, olives, bread; the things I want to eat when I don’t actually want to eat.

2.       Little Collins: Aussie owned with a great bunch of cocktails and a dynamic food menu that’s always bangin’.

This is my go to brunch joint, hands down. I am a loyalist and when I find a place I like, I stick to it. Aperol spritz, bloody Mary, maybe even a cheeky negroni; and then to eat anything with some bacon involved. Last time I was there I had eggs baked with spicy beans, flatbread and bacon. BOOM! The coffee is also super good.

3.       Little Saigon: for your daily pho fix in Zeedijk.

This place is the bees knees out of ten for pho. For those who have yet to discover pho (but given you have not been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you should definitely have had some of this broth in your life), the broth is nicely balanced, fatty and fragrant. When I go, I always get extra noodles, again and again. They also do a really awesome banh mi and ice teas.

4.       Pisa IJs: next to RAI Station, this ice cream joint has been around since 1935.

This place is hands down the best ice cream stall/ provider in the whole of Amsterdam. Big statement, I know, but go there; just do it. Flavors are classic and really well made, their ice creams and sorbets have fantastic texture and you can buy it to take home as well. It’s only open during the warmer months of the year (makes sense, we are in Amsterdam after all) so you need to be on it to make sure you get your fix.

5.       Rotisserie: is a Brooklynese bar and take-away outlet based in Amsterdam East and West.

This is one of those places that are best when you have either had a very jolly day with your mates or the day after said jolly day. Eat fried chicken, eat the royal with cheese, get the loaded fries and seriously, order a cocktail. Don’t be strange, this is a place you go to where it’s okay if you need to walk with your bicycle for a bit before you cycle home to the evergreen of your couch.

Photo by Bysam.

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