14 juli 2017

Why did I start cooking? I really love kitchens, food and wine. I love the fire, the home feeling you can only get in a kitchen, the passion and even the dreamers that cruise through like lost butterflies.

If I am to give an honest answer as to why I started cooking my answer is I don’t remember. If pushed to give a less boring answer, I would say it was to be in direct competition with my dad, and also because my parents and family initially told me not to. The deal was that during my “gap year” I could take the said year to decide as to what I wanted to do and if I was to choose becoming a chef as my future profession, then I would receive as much help as I could get to make that become a reality.

There will always be a thousand reasons why you should and shouldn’t join a certain profession. At the moment we are going through a huge deficit of people entering the hospitality trade. We can point fingers and give statistics on the reasons as to “why?”, but in the end these people are the ones that are missing out on THE most fruitful industry.

You have to be brave.

To sustain in this industry, it is no walk in the park. Popular culture has shown the world that it is a difficult industry and through certain television shows, such as Kitchen Nightmares (on a lazy night, I love watching Ramsey open people up) but vice versa, there are certain shows such as Master Chef that have glamorized the industry; as if anyone can roll in and become a head chef in two years (dreamers).

Don’t get me wrong. The common love I have for all these shows is that it is helping to inform the public on food and in return creating a demand for better food; which is invaluable.

In the end you really have to commit to this industry. Whether it is because you love to cook, or want to learn how to cook or you have strange obsession with knives/ fire, you want to explore the world, you are a natural born leader and want to be the shepherd of a wolf pack; get involved, don’t be shy and I can promise you this industry will bring you as much joy as it has brought me. But don’t forget it’s going to take some time and a major level of enthusiasm.

I will continue cooking because it is what I know, it is what I enjoy to do and once I hit a train of thought nothing else exists.

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