10 augustus 2017

What’s your guilty pleasure?

What are the things you cannot live without?

The most fascinating thing about this question is that between every person you may know, the answer will most definitely always be different; but I like to think that in and amongst the answer there will always be something food related. I’m sure a lot of people will straight up answer “coffee!”, and fair enough. For now we will stick to food cravings and the things that make me a little crazy when the mood strikes.

1.       I crave noodles. All the time. Ramen, pho, laksa... All sorts. I don’t care how hot it is, how poor I am, how recently I ate noodles, if it’s a Sunday, Wednesday; whatever. I will never get bored of noodles. For example, when I was in Barcelona (yes, Barcelona) my sister and I managed to track down a ramen joint in Diagonal that was absolutely bangin’! I mean, when the mood strikes.


2.       Vietnamese pork rolls (bahn mi). Bro, I still don’t feel like I have found the ultimate pork roll here in Amsterdam… But keep in mind they have to compete with “Marrickville pork roll”. This is the pork roll that dreams are made of, I used to seriously have a problem with these when I was in high school onwards. For those who aren’t familiar, an epic pork roll needs to start with a soft French baguette, pork pate, roasted pork, coriander, mint, grated carrot, maybe even a cheeky piece of cucumber and yes, when they ask if want spicy you say yes. You hand a small amount of pocket change and the rest is what it is. Heaven.


3.       Late night London fried chicken. When I was living in London, after a day’s work I was so guilty of enjoying a cheeky fried chicken sandwich from the dodgy chicken shop. It got to a point where I entered a dream world where eating this was acceptable and managed to convince a bestie of mine (Cian) to get amongst the action as well. We have established now that my dietary choices are the nightmares of the “health conscious”.


4.       Last but not least. Kebab, THE kebab if you will. The staple food of the drunk person. They bring the world together, some of the best friends I have in my life I met over a kebab. The craziest, most mind-altering kebab I’ve had in this world was in Istanbul. It was made with spit roasted lamb stomach, tripes and the meat picked from a braised lamb’s head, loads of garlic sauce and a napkin that was never going to be enough.


I do enjoy the healthier side of life. Vegetables, salad, well balanced meals and all that, but to be honest I prefer to eat food that feeds my soul. Items of such will be revealed at another time but for now I prefer to plead guilty to the fact that I have an arsenal of favorites that feed the dark corners of my temple.

Photo by Roger Bloem from City Guys.

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