18 september 2017


I love travelling.

You can gather loads of inspiration from a trip to another country or even just another city and, most of all, it really broadens your palate. The places I like to travel to admittedly are places where I either want to try a certain restaurant or taste a certain cuisine straight from the core.

When travelling, I live by two very simple rules:

1.       Walk as much as possible.

2.       Eat where you see locals eating, no matter how dodgy it may or may not look.

I love walking in new cities. You see things you probably would not see otherwise and it can lead you down an experience you may not have even considered had you not casually stumbled upon it.

This leads me to a constant debate: Why would you go to another country to eat the same food you would eat at home? Eat what is local!


I have a lot of love for Copenhagen. I always eat and drink super well in Copenhagen. It has one of the most progressive and exciting coffee scenes outside of Australia and obviously, with the ‘Scandy movement’, the food is very locally driven with great care, creativity and honesty. Most of is super delicious. I have had some super standout meals at Baest, Relae and Geist. Not to mention that the city is beautiful and filled with beautiful people (shout out to Lars).


I lived in London for 3 years, it has a special place in my heart. As a city, it is massive, full of tourists and is definitely mildly expensive. On the upside, the food scene is always top class. I always make a pilgrimage to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and get a tipsy cake in my life - tipsy cake is our modern day crack -. The underground bar scene and the beverage scene in general is epic and always on point (generally more accessible if you're with someone who has the knowledge). If you choose well, you can eat at some really outstanding restaurants. If you don't, you will understand the definition of “tourist trap”.


Asia is my mecca for anything food. If I had to pick one country, it would be Japan (no bias I swear), but even if you eat as a tourist in Japan you will be eating some really, really, really epic food. I miss and long for the food that I had when I was kid travelling to Tokyo: takoyaki, taiyaki, onigiri and of course RAMEN!!! If you haven’t been to Japan just go, eat, walk. I mean, even the food in the convenience stores, train stations, schools, or inside the trains is on point. It’s ridiculous!

Go travel, eat local food, don’t be rude to the locals if they don’t speak your language and enjoy.

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